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6th. Bengal Lancers Officers Cross Belt & Pouch.

An extremely rare Cross Belt & Pouch to an Officer in the 6th, Bengal Lancers (Duke of Connaults Own).

All metal parts being silver, bearing matching hallmarks for Birmingham 1900.
The rear of the pouch being covered in red morroco leather.
The Belt being made correctly of blus material with gilt braid facings.

Indian Army Cavalry full dress accoutrements like this rarely turn up on the open market.

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12th. Lancers Tchapka
A late Victorian / early Edwardian 12th. Lancers Tchapka (Lance Cap) in fine condition.
W^D marked and dated 1902 on the inside of the crown.
Repair to inside sweat band, probobly in service, not affecting appearance.
Plume is a good quality replacement.

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British Military Telescope.
Victorian with black leather covered five draw, blackened brass body, having two black leather lens caps.
Body maked "N 294 ^ J. Lizars Glasgow, Edinburgh Ftc. S1"
Very good condition both optically and finish. Some minor wear to the leather lens caps and strap loops on the leather body cover.

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World War One Period German Telescopic Sight.
This sight is one of a number of types used by German snipers in the trenches during the Great War. They were often fitted to adapted hunting rifles rather than the standard Gew 98 Infantry rifle.
Marked on body: "Voigtlander Braunschweig No.11535." and "Skopar 5". Additionally a trade mark in the form of a stags head.
Together with an old home made pair of lens caps in thick, soft leather, joined together with a thong of the same leather.
Very good condition, excellent optically, with light rust speckling to the body.

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American Civil War Percussion Cap Pouch.
Black leather pouch with flap closed by a brass stud and having two belt loops to the rear.
Manufacturers stamp of "A. Crossman & Co. Newark. N.J. on flap.
U.S. Ordnance Dept. inspector, J. Conan's stamp also on flap.
Pouch contains the original nipple pricker.
Used by Officers, some NCO's and Cavalrymen during the American Civil War, mainly to hold percussion caps for the service revolvers of the time.
Good condition, pouch leather surface good, some wear to belt loops. Internal chamois lining removed.

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Boer War, Webbing Waist Bandolier.
By Mills and Orndorf.
This pattern of waist bandolier was in widespread use by the British Mounted Infantry and Imperial Yeomanry during the Boer War.
Makers name and patent information stamped into brass buckle fittings.
Good condition, some fraying and minor repairs along the bottom edge of the belt.

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Boer War Foreign Service Helmet.
By Christys London (Stamped onto sweat band).
Kahki Helmet, blancoed white (removable with brushing).
Marked inside in heavy ink "3-1-490", the 490 crossed out and replaced with "511". This may be from theatrical or film use.
Original owners name "Surg. Maj. Turner" in faded pencil on inside front of hemet body.
Surgeon Major Turner: Surgeon, afterwards Surgeon Captain 31st. Jan. 1885, Surgeon Major 31st. Jan. 1897, RAMC Major 31st. Jan. 1897, Lt. Col. 31st.Jan. 1905. Soudan 1885, Isaazai 1892, South Africa 1900-1902. C.M.G. 1917. Born at Newhouse, 25th. Feb. 1859. Re-employed during Great War of 1914-18, from 12th.Feb. 1915, at first as D.A.D.M.S.,Welsh Division,Territorial Force, and afterwards at Aldershot.
Very good condition, some service wear on edge binding of body and on the edge of the sweat band.

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Home Service Helmet to the 1st. Cardigan R. Garrison Artillary Volenteers.
White metal (Silver?) mounted.
Unit annotated helmet plate with Kings Crown.
By Samuel Brothers, Naval and Military Outfitters, 65 & 67 Ludgate Hill, London.
Old round paper label, approx 1" in diameter, inside marked "9800 / 7".
Two separate ink names on sweat band "G.Raikes" and
"R. Wallace".
Excellent condition, badge slightly dull. No moth, damage or obvious wear.

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Scout Regiment (Sniper) Telescope.
By B.C. & Co. Ltd.
Marked: "TEL.SCT. REGT. MK.11s. 7472 O.S.126.G.A."
Standard configuration. Three draw with sun shade. Blacked brass body with brown leather covering. Separate leather case.
Together with tripod made from lacquered brass.
The telescope is almost certainly World War Two period, the tripod is probably Edwardian or World War One.
Superb condition both optically and with maximum original finish, tiny stud on eyepiece shutter missing. Case in excellent condition. Tripod excellent, some minor marking to lacquer, clamp lining replaced.

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A Gentleman in Khaki.
A 6 in. high brass statuette of Caton Woodville's "A Gentleman in Khaki", dating from the period between 1900 and 1910.
Condition is good if a little over polished. The rifle that the figure originally held is missing.

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